A YOU TUBE VIDEO    Part 1 - 6


Below you find a list of supplies that I think will be useful for you to have on hand for my first on line Watercolour Course.  

A lot of us are feeling "shut in" right now so I thought I would create an "on-line" watercolour course that you will enjoy.   This is the time to tap into your creative side!   

My course has been launched on YouTube... Part 1 - 3.   Part 4 to 6 will be added over the next 3 days.

See the list of some supplies below...


This is my completed painting.  

My goal is to show you that you too can paint  even if your drawing skills aren't strong.

There are some tricks here to explore and some important information about how to keep your watercolour paintings fresh.

Discover a new technique.

I hope you will try this method and most importantly - please have fun!!



Norma Bradley-Walker, Artist


Regular creative practice 

 Make time for yourself -enjoy the process.


A good set up is important.   It could be at kitchen or dining room table, office…anywhere with a flat work surface.


You will need.


  • Good lighting – Natural or “task” lighting

  • Flat work surface – plexi glass board or plastic foam core board. (can be purchased at an art store or hardware store).

  • Masking tape.

  • Artist quality watercolour paper – I use “Arches” purchase 1 sheet and cut it into quarters.  ( I use Arches, 140lb Rough or cold press.

  • Artist quality watercolour paints…I use Winsor Newton.

  • Watercolour brushes 3 – 5 “round” brushes of different sizes. ( No. 2, 6, 8 and 10)  There is a number on each brush that indicates the size of the brush.  (round means the tip of the brush is rounded in shape)

  • 1 “flat” brush (flat is well…obviously flat)!  

( flat brush ½”)

  • Paint tray – they last for many, many years. 

(Roland Edwart is my favorite as I like the shape of the individual  paint wells).

  • Pretty water container – If you’re going to paint, paint in style!!  Create a lovely inviting space  for yourself.

  • A “mechanical” pencil or a 2H pencil.

  • Spray Water bottle


  • Music – Some nice quiet music helps you relax and focus – my opinion of course!

  • A few flowers – fresh or artificial or even some photos but narrow your choices to 2-3 varieties only….or even just one….Make sure you like the flower you choose.  Keep it simple.

  • Get organized before you begin.

  • Follow the You Tube Video to see how I set up my space.

  • Breathe…..relax it’s time to have some have fun!










If you’re purchasing watercolour art supplies  for the first time here are some colours you might want to start with.  It’s ok if you pick different colours – choose colours you like.


You can build up your supply of colours slowly.



Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

French Ultramarine

Antwerp Blue

Burnt Sienna

Alizarine Crimson

Permanent Rose


Hookers or Sap Green


1 Sheet (22”X30”sheet of watercolour paper.   (140lb paper “rough” or “cold press”)

Paint Brushes

 1 Flat Brush – ½” (synthetic or synthetic blend)

A couple of Round brushes  sizes  2, 6  8 and 10